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Thats right fuckers

2008-04-04 12:25:13 by ape4

I've made a third news post.


Basically I'd just like all of you to suggest some weapons for my stick to use in my gun collab bit. its kinda like a tribute to Unbalanced, only without the color changing. So whatever weapon ya'll want, just suggest it here.
Be creative, it can be any type, not just a gun



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2008-04-04 12:29:41

Glock? Ak47? Chaingun? BFG? Magnum .38? M60?

(Updated ) ape4 responds:

Glock and AK have been used already.
chaingun is to come.

M60 and magum are the same type of gun as the ak and glock, but with different calibers and firing speeds

But the BFG sounds cool, I say a definate maybe

But comon, be creative!
and you're not limited to just guns


2008-04-05 17:36:22

mabey you can use some nunchucks that disinagrate peaple it hits.

ape4 responds:

Ohhhh. I should use those : O

Thats tight


2008-04-07 18:32:53

maybe a long piece of bamboo.
they really hurt if youve ever been hit hard by one

ape4 responds:

Great idea


2008-07-22 13:30:37

cock ? lol its a nice idea btw