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I'm Dying

2008-04-08 13:02:31 by ape4

Not really, lolololo

But now that I know you luff me for looking, I might be moving onto eztoon.
As you can see, I'm not the best, but this is looking pretty good.

I'll still pivot, just not as much as I used to. I'll still go to the forum, give advice and all that jazz, but nao I'll also be in the Eztoon section


*my first EZtoon*

I'm Dying


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2008-04-08 13:13:02

best of luck bud

I'll be moving to flash soon :) Once the collabs done. It's pretty much good bye to pivot for a while.

ape4 responds:

Ya, but I know your flashes will rock.

Thanks for the support though dude


2008-04-08 13:46:32

K then, have fun!

ape4 responds:

I shall =3


2008-04-08 17:43:24

I'm thinking of moveing on too. not anytime soon, but later. I'll miss your pivots man :c
but hey, your choice. good luck.

ape4 responds:

I'll still pivot, but just not as much.

I want vets before I quit lololol


2008-04-08 19:44:01

yeah were all in need of a change i think. We've almost bin doing this for a year.

ape4 responds:

Yes, but it has been one hellva year


2008-04-08 20:28:45

I know... and damnit, limp'd got elite in a year! (we're fucking slow)

ape4 responds:

lololol Limped.


(I'm elite on youtube lol)


2008-04-08 21:48:54

meh standards are higher now... I still got about 4-5 months or so before i get to 1 year. A lot could happen in that time.

ape4 responds:

Ya same here, I think I'm going to take a break, learn some things, and come back to pivot.

but the standards would've risen by then =3


2008-04-08 23:38:29

btw, are you going to work on the joint, or should I just cal what we have finished? no rush if your working on it or not. just wanted to know.

ape4 responds:

Sorry man, I kept trying, but I messed up = C


2008-04-09 18:24:16

If you look at my latest blog you'll understand how I'm dying. It's terrible.

ape4 responds:

I'm dying from laughter

Thats epic dude


2008-04-11 14:54:14

Hey Ape, it looks like you and me... alone.... with no Narf and no Wolf...



ape4 responds:



2008-04-11 17:28:46

EZToon's harder to pull off than pivot, but if you can do it right, you've basically got it made.

ape4 responds:

Yeah, its kinda difficult


2008-04-14 22:25:08

KINDA difficult?! I opened up the damn thing and I had no idea what to do! At least Pivot gives you a base stick to work with. Now, to quote you,

^lawl formality
^damn I ruined it >_>"

Oh, by the way, I used cheats and beat Portal. Much more gratifying to stick Portals all over GlaDOS than to actually kill her, followed by an "endless loop" from the "open" ceiling to the floor.

And have you ever noticed that the sooper-1337-h4xxin' Weighted Companion Cube is only in 1 FUCKING LEVEL?! How can so much love be placed on a box you use for 5 minutes?!

And for my final thought, my favorite characters in Portal, arranged from "most liked" to "least liked":

GLaDOS - Funny as hell, a bit crazy, and a beautiful singing voice. Keep it up, Gla!

Sentry Turrets - These guys don't hate you, they're just doing their job! Plus they have the cutest voices.

THE EYE - How can you NOT think this stationary rocket-launcher is awesome?!

Rat-Man - aka Subject # 15, aka That Crazy Guy Who Wrote All Over the Walls. Originally, Rat-Man was gonna still be alive in the game, but it would lessen the "fear" factor.

Curiosity Sphere- "Who are you? What is that? What is THAT? Hey, that thing has numbers on it!" No matter how many questions this thing fires off, it's still cool.

Intelligence Sphere - "Fish-shaped crackers, fish-shaped dirt, fish-shaped solid waste..." This guy spouts off a fifty-something second long recipe for a cake. Yes, a cake.

Anger Sphere - HE R VARY AGNRY

Companion Cube - So it has a heart on it. Get over it, Chell.

Chell - (<- lawl, main character!!!) Ugly, silent, and apparently adopted and friendless, Mrs. Portal-girl has never failed to amaze me with her un-sexiness, frazzled hairdo, and her physics-defying ability to land a 30,000 foot fall.*

* I spent half an HOUR falling through those damn portals, and for what? 5 Gamerscore?!

/random, long, comment

(Updated ) ape4 responds:

LOLOL I couldn't bring myself to kill the companion cube.

I jumped into the fire gomfg

Long post much?

= D


2008-04-16 23:41:04

x2 post:

New post plz?


ape4 responds:





2008-07-22 13:33:59

ape4 responds:

lololol Limped.


(I'm elite on youtube lol)

for fuckin sake dude everyone on youtube is elite except for low begs they suck :P